By the time you’ll be reading this article majority of you guys may already be aware of what’s in the air, Epic Games’s popular and one the best graphics engine in the world Unreal Engine is hitting what was difficult to achieve before with its latest version. Unreal Engine 5

In an interview, Quentin Staes-Polet, General Manager, India & SEA, of Epic Games stated “We are chasing photorealism with Unreal Engine 5.” The new engine with save a lot of time and at the same time, it gets us one step close to full reality simulation” Now tell me if that doesn’t sound like he means serious business in the sense of getting closer to something truly magnificent.

In the mid of May, Epic games revealed Unreal Engine 5 with a beautiful demo showing its metal and also showing the Unreal (pun intended) capabilities of Sony’s upcoming  Playstation 5.

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“Lumen in the Land of Nanite” a beautiful tech demo presented by Epic Games gave a small peek of what Unreal Engine 5 and the Next-Gen hardware are competent of. It is said a lot of PS5 and Xbox Series X titles will be taking advantage of the upcoming Unreal Engine 5. But sadly, many Devs won’t be getting access to the new engine anytime sooner than 2021.

As many of you would have already watched the video of unveiling Unreal Engine 5 on Youtube Epic Games’ Technical Director of Graphics, Brain Karis and Jerome Platteaux, Art Director of Special Projects showed what it takes to push forward the real-time graphics scene and to achieve that goal “there were two main areas that stood out” Brain stated.

Dynamic Global Illumination and Truly Virtualized Geometry, these new technologies are called Lumen and Nanite respectively. He also stated that the new Unreal Engine 5 gives artists and creators more capabilities and removes limitations for them so they could create photorealistic scenes as “In the end that’s what it’s all about, Art that just WORKS

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Lumen is one of the key technologies used in Unreal Engine 5, it is a sort of a new light technology that allows more realistic lighting effects just like Ray Tracing or more like a new version of it. In the previous version of the Engine, RTX technology was used from specific GPUs like the Nvidia’s RTX line-up of graphic cards which made Ray Tracing a big deal. Lumen basically brings the number of red light rays and bounds that we can simulate and track to a much higher number with much more precise reproduction.

Nanite is the other core technology that is part of Unreal Engine 5, it makes artists and devs capable of bringing photorealism into games with worrying about the polygon count and LODs. Unreal Engine 5 can take 4k and even 8k Cinema quality 3D assets and bring them straight into the engine which enables artists and devs to work on them as seen in the demo.

image(s) source: Epic Games