During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, unauthorized vaccines’ sales are ongoing in the black market in Karnataka, India. And the sellers are expecting Bitcoin as a payment option. After that, Indian doctors are reportedly warning people not to buy such vaccines since they are illegal. And, according to the reports, these are not viable vaccines against the virus either.

Many of the concerned doctors have urged the Government of India to handle the matter and track such vendors.

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Doctors learn about vaccine sales

According to national media reports, the matter came to the doctors’ attention after their VIP patients informed them. Reportedly, these patients called to confirm with their doctors if they can use such drugs. One of the notable medical industry professionals that confirmed getting this knowledge from the VIPs is Indian Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes’ Association (Phana)’s president.

In a report, the Phana president discussed these sales; some residents are getting these vaccines after paying Bitcoin. He is against such transactions and has cautioned the potential buyers to carefully reconsider. Furthermore, he suggests the need to follow the guidelines of the Government first.

Wait for the Approved Vaccines from the Government

According to the experts, buying and selling such unverified Covid-19 or any vaccine is illegal in India. So, it is important for the citizens to wait for the government-approved vaccines, the doctors suggest. When the genuine vaccine comes, the Drug Controller General of India will distribute the products. Also, the Government would announce the sales on verified media platforms.

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A Technical Advisory Committee member for Covid-19 management, epidemiologist Dr. Giridhara Babu, has spoken up, too. He wishes that the Government would track such vendors and stop the illegal trade. Also, he mentions that such sales cause the disparity between the classes to grow. Since only the higher society people can afford such drugs.

In the meantime, the vaccination drive of Covid-19 would reportedly commence from 16 January in India. The frontline and healthcare workers would get first priority.