Following the SC orders, GGSIPU has imposed a decision to move against the odds and conduct offline examinations. They have skillfully managed to un-hear the bawling cries of their students and disregard their consent and conditions.

Maybe the consent of students doesn’t matter to the university. They have time and again proven their inefficiency in judgment and this incident is tugging at the last straw.

At first, it was the result of many students that was extremely delayed, and now its this date sheet which was spawned on students just 10 days prior to the examination with no concession on the curriculum even though students from different institutions claim they haven’t been taught with the entire syllabus.

Students Have Reacted Accordingly To Incompetent Decisions By GGSIPU

On 16th September, the university released the final date sheet which was similar to the proposed date sheet uploaded on their site on 10th September.

Students now have to unwillingly and forcefully visit their respective colleges to appear for the exam.

Losing hope entirely, the students approached the Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, who has quarantined himself since being diagnosed with COVID, for help. Although in many cases he didn’t answer himself students claim that he has sent the issue to the registrar of the University.

Although it seems unlikely any action has been taken yet.

Students noticed that GGSIPU has taken a hypocritical stance, In their guidelines, they promised to have an online mode of examination if situations worsen by July 20, but the post got recently deleted from their social media handles.

Its entirely a shame for such a big university to treat their students like this, Without even considering for their well being.

Students who reside outside Delhi have opposed this move a lot, besides preparing for their exam they have to worry about the accommodation and mode of transportation.

Some students don’t even have the resources to study with and have to resort to sites for preparation.

The mental pressure stays consistent with these students. With the expenses increasing by the day students may have to take expensive or crowded public transport(s) to reach their centers in entirely uncontrollable conditions.

Heavily frustrated, students have managed to contact the Lieutenant Governors office which has contacted the university as well.

The efforts turned to vain when all they got was a vague reply stating that the university won’t change their mode of examinations as all the preparations have been done.

Issues That Students Are Facing Which Have Been Blatantly Ignored

In light of this Blatant ignorance, here are some of the issues the students have with this mode of examination.

Students have questioned the irresponsibility and incompetency of the university as only a mere amount of 10 days was given to them for preparation, and no prior notice informing the students of commencement of the exams.

The university has neither considered the mental health nor the accessibility of the students in this inflexible move.

Students I know personally have since gone through amounts of panic and anxiety attacks also there is no measure mentioned for the students in the University Guidelines”.

With a little amount of time to prepare and a vast syllabus to cover they also question the examination layout, As only 2 hours have been given to attempt a 75 marks question paper, prior to where 3 hours were given for the same.

What Example Do these Leaders Leave With Such Decisions

Who is listening to the constant plight of these students? Is this what we call democracy? These actions have only led to believe that no one will listen to you if the issue is not “important enough” This is how they shape the next generation of India.

This autocratic archetype under the farce of democracy has crushed the voices of thousands of young budding potentials.

Students have been stolen from their fundamental rights. Decisions are being taken on their behalf without their consent.

Nobody is ready to listen to their plight. The registrar of GGSIPU has blatantly ignored the conditions.

Students have been desperately trying to be heard by mass tweeting posts with hashtags like
#Conduct_IPU_Online_Exams and #IPUOfflineexamkills but to no avail as no one is ready to hear them.

In the absence of no student union, IPU has taken advantage to impose such harsh decisions.

Which only brings us to questions like Will students plight ever be heard by these universities?

Do students have enough power if they even cannot be heard by the officials? Why haven’t the affiliated colleges and their teachers supported their students? Is GGSIPU a bully university? and there tend to be many more with lesser answers.

Let’s hope someone hears their plight and appropriate actions are taken if justice resides anywhere in this country. Let’s hope we get to witness true leadership as an example instead of imposing situations that neuters the freedoms and hinders the judgment capability of students.