American technology giant Microsoft is ever-changing its illustrious Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) to a black one in its future Windows eleven software system.

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According to The Verge, the software giant started testing its new style changes in an exceedingly Windows eleven preview earlier on, however the Black Screen of Death is not totally enabled however. This new switch for Windows eleven, is in pace with the new black logon and shutdown screens.

It’s the initial major modification to the BSOD since Microsoft adscititious a tragic face to the screen in Windows eight in 2012, and QR codes in 2016. Microsoft initial introduced the BSOD in Windows 3.0, giving how for IT professionals and support personnel to diagnose hardware and memory faults.

A BSOD is Windows’ own kernel error or bug check, and it always includes a dump of knowledge that may facilitate system directors analyse what system fault caused the blue screen.While Microsoft are change to a Black Screen of Death in Windows eleven, the screen is similar to the one found in Windows ten otherwise.

The unhappy face remains, as will the stop code and crash dump. the present preview of Windows eleven includes an inexperienced BSOD, a colour that Microsoft has been mistreatment for Windows corporate executive builds since 2016.

It’s not entirely clear on why Microsoft is ever-changing the colour from blue to black, and also the company is not commenting on the modification however.

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Still, as per The Verge, their square measure some theories. Microsoft is overhauling several elements of Windows eleven, with a contemporary approach to the OS. It’s possible as a result of Windows eleven includes a visible overhaul to modernise the OS in key areas, as well as classic elements just like the begin menu, File person, and currently even the BSOD.