The decentralized identity arrange the tech giant declared in May has now launched in beta on the Bitcoin blockchain. Microsoft’s decentralized identity arrange ION, first declared in May is moving to beta testing on the Bitcoin organize. Daniel Buchner, a program manager for the Microsoft Identity team, said the open-sourced, layer 2 Identity Overlay Network (ION) had launched. The point is to give clients a decentralized identifier (DID) that could swap the requirement for usernames.

Developed related to the Decentralized Identity Foundation, ION was developed as a decentralized system to work freely and doesn’t depend on “special utility tokens, trusted validator nodes”.

“The center guarantee of DID technology is to enable all people and entities with possession and power over their identities, which adjusts well to our central goal of engaging each individual to work, play, and accomplish more” said Buchner. “To deliver on that guarantee, we have picked an alternate way from a portion of the more concentrated ways to deal with DID advancements—and we believe ION exemplifies that choice.”

Microsoft has not yet set a release date for the final version, yet said it would be dealing with hardening the protocol and improving the ION reference implementation over the coming months.


Microsoft proceeds with its blockchain streak

It has been revealed in May that the tech giant had announced its fresh out of the box new Azure Blockchain Service alongside Azure Blockchain Development Kit for the Ethereum blockchain.

It isn’t the company seeing the capability of DID technology. ConsenSys is using the blockchain agnostic protocol Ethr-DID for its own DID, as contrasted to Microsoft’s SideTree.