Saturday, September 21, 2019
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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Start Date Announced

Nagarjuna is the host of Bigg Boss Season 3 With Total 14 Contenders. In Season 1 and 2, Contenders List is kept a secret, as the audience already knows who the contenders are. However, the names of Srimukhi, Varun Sandesh and Raghu Master are popular in the list of 14 Contestants V6 Savitri buzz of Big Boss House is almost certain.

Savitri, who became a celebrity with ‘Teen Mar’, is Sivajiothi’s original name. Shivaji Jyoti from Telangana Nizamabad became a Savitri fame with the news ‘Teen Mar’. Savitri will be making an entry into the Bigg Boss house with a V6 house to double this fame.

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Launch Date

Nagarjuna hosted Bigg Boss season 3 starts from July 21 (Sunday) All arrangements have been completed. The Bully Screen Big Reality Show, which runs for 100 days with 14 contenders, has a lot of interest in audiences. The show started in 2017 in Telugu with a full craze for the show worldwide. The first season was hosted by Young Tiger NTR. The second season was hosted by Natural Star Nani.

King Nagarjuna ‘Big Boss’ host about. Who are the 14 contenders? When does the show begin? What Tasks Are Planned? Host Nagarjuna’s massive remuneration has become a hot topic with similar themes.

This Big Boss Show which lasts 100 days is only seen on Saturday and Sunday. This is why Star has offered a huge remuneration to our Nagarjuna. Each episode costs Rs. 20 Lakhs .. Promos and Special Shots are all inclusive and cost around Rs. Nagarjuna is expected to receive over 12 crore remuneration.

However, in Season 1, Junior NTR did not give an official statement on the extent of the remuneration .. NTR said that the wife was given enough rejuvenation to raise children. But for season 1, NTR will pay Rs. 6 crore seems to have given the remuneration. Nagarjuna beat NTR in the Bigg Boss remuneration.

Nagarjuna’s own studio Annapurna Studios has set a special set for Bigg Boss Season 3. 14 Constants will be staying in Annapurna Studio for 100 days. The names of Srimukhi, Tinmar Savitri and Varun Sandesh are popular among the Bigg Boss contenders.