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Dantewada Police Making Films to tackle Naxalism

Dantewada, ANI For the last four decades, Bastar, who is suffering from naxalism, has been experimenting with new experiments. Now in Dantewada, the activities of the Maoists will be brought to the people through cinema. For this, the IP from the doctor, the SP is now going to become an actor.

Two Dantewada officers will reveal the evils of Naxalism through this short film. For this, the police personnel and the surrender cadre are present in the district itself along with the artists of Bhilai. Nearly 100 artist jawans will now make money through the cinema of the Naxalites with terror and oppressive policy.

In the rocks of Bastar, the Naxalites have been ruling for years. Adivasis have resorted to sedition and resorted to terror and took them with them. Are not giving development work in the inner areas and encouraging the villagers against the government and the administration. Naxals have no mausoleum in spreading panic in front of tribals. Local tribals are killed and the big Naxalites are living comfortably in the forests or in unknown cities.

A short film under the leadership of SP Dr Abhishek Pallava and ASP Suraj Singh Parihar is being prepared to tell these things. Which include the artists of Bhilai along with the local soldiers. This movie is being shot at Dantewada jungle and marked sites. A shot was shot on a drug store located on the local bus stand on Wednesday. Earlier, shooting of Dantewada forests has been done.

Naxal-based short film produced by adding short stories is being prepared in short stories- five to seven parts. In which the Maoists used to cut road-traps, bridge bridges, explosives, attack the soldiers, take a child from each house with the village.

Apart from this, the incidents of keeping villagers away from development work, killing of people who are involved in the work of public interest, will be shown in the film. Simultaneously, after the surrender, the story will be based on the changed lives of the Naxalites and their families.

According to police officials, the story of the film is completely inspired by the truth. In this story, sensitive topics like Naxal organization’s internal truths and sterilization and abortion will also be shown.

If you believe in the movie police officers in your dialect , the short film will be dubbed in Hindi and Haldi and Gondi languages. In spite of this, Hindi, English, Telugu, Chhattisgarh, Gondi and Haldi are being used in this short movie.

So that the film’s originality remains and the rural and children can easily understand. The purpose behind this dubbed in Hindi language is to tell the people the truth about the Maoists who sympathize with them.

SP Dr Abhishek Pallava told that two months ago, a prize Naxalite of five lakh was killed by the police in an encounter. After that, there was a change in the behavior of a child in an ashram in Kuakonda. He got a mobile, there were many videos and literature supported by Naxalites. This incident shook them in. That’s where the idea of ​​making a film was found. SP says that when they can live in the jungle and make a film, they can trick people, why can not we respond positively to their negative destructive