Netflix has announced to launch  a brand new “Documentary Series” which will be based on the fall of a Canadian crypto platform after the death of its Chief Executive Officer. This is one of a major death in Cryptoland. The documentary is titled as “Trust no One: The seek for the Crypto King”, the documentary is planned to release in 2022. The series is based on the downfall of Canadian crypto platform QuadrigaCX when the death of its Chief Executive Officer(CEO) Gerry Cotten. The 30-year-old cryptically breathed his last in Jaipur, his death in Asian nation unleashing a serious dispute. There is a question in many minds that ‘IS GERRY COTTEN ALIVE?’.

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The announcement was made on Twitter where Netflix announced details of couple of series coming on its platform. As per Netflix’s description, the documentary on Cotten and what was once Canada’s largest Bitcoin exchange platform, can depict the journey of a bunch of cryptocurrency investors in United Nations agency conjointly lost $250 million (roughly Rs.1,843 crores) because of the mysterious death of the crypto mogul.

From what is far concerning about the case, Cotten’s death in December, 2018 has been connected to illness Crohn’s disease that could be a version of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Later, investors in Cotten’s Bitcoin exchange platform QuadrigaCX met with the unfortunate news that that they had lost their money because only Cotten had access to the exchange’s cold storage wallet. Lawyers representing the people that lost their money have asked for permission to again examine Cotten’s remains to look at his identity and an explanation for dying.

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The Netflix documentary can depict events round the scandal underneath the direction of
Luke Sewell. Twitter is noisy excitedly on this coming documentary.

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