The Brexit opponents have petitioned around 2.6 million signatories against Britain’s exit from the EU. Parliament will have to deal with that it would have been enough for 100,000 supporters.

Many Britons now seem tired of the turmoil about leaving the EU. By the morning, around 2.6 million people signed an online petition to the House of Commons demanding that they simply cancel Brexit and stay in the European Union.

“The government keeps claiming that leaving the EU is the ‘will of the people’,” reads the petition text. This must be put at an end by making clear the strength of public support for remaining. Parliament must consider the content of each petition with more than 100,000 signatures for debate.

In this means, the heads of state and government of the EU, particularly Angela Merkel and Emmanuel diacritic, are increasing the decision-making pressure in London. If the British House desires to avert the economically and politically worst Brexit variant for the UK finally, then please, soon, very soon. this can be the clear signal from the national capital.

Perhaps Mother Teresa might succeed with this national capital air current, contrary to expectations already within the next week, a thin vote success within the parliament. as a result of if the deal signed by her was to receive a majority within the next or the following however one or the next try, then the British have 2 months left to regulate to the main points of the divorce contract, to regulate laws and to manage details.

The EU is attempting to lure London. It offers the British a touch longer respiration area than truly provided for once Parliament agrees to the deal, that was fastidiously negotiated with might.

The British Prime Minister ought to lure the MEPs with an extra provide and offer her resignation just in case the House of Commons finally abandons its blockade policy and agrees to the exit agreement with the EU. Then might enter as a head of state within the history books, that has enforced the bulk can of the people: Brexit affirmative, however orderly and with a contract. and the prospect of being pretty smart friends during a new GB partnership with the EU.

The UK can theoretically unilaterally withdraw the declaration on leaving the EU. The way was confirmed by the European Court of Justice in a ruling in December. The country would remain as before a member of the EU. A further application would not be excluded. Nevertheless, it is considered extremely unlikely that this will happen.

In the referendum on the EU exit in 2016, 17.4 million Britons voted in favor of Brexit. A total of 33.6 million people cast their votes. Hardly a British politician wants to override the former majority vote, without at least holding a second referendum.