Logitech has declared a wireless version of its 2019 Pro X gaming headset called the Pro X Lightspeed. It’s practically indistinguishable from the wired version, complete with a similar aluminum and steel structure, yet there are a couple of key contrasts. Going wireless isn’t even the greatest advantage; it’s really the USB-C charging. No different wireless gaming headsets that charge by means of USB-C ring a bell, so in such manner, the Pro X Lightspeed in its very own group.

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The other advantage, obviously, is being remote. The sound and talk are conveyed through its included 2.4GHz USB Type-A remote beneficiary, and Logitech claims the headset can stay associated up to 13 meters away — if, for reasons unknown, you get yourself 42 feet from your PC or gaming console.

Like the wired Pro X, Logitech incorporates a lot of velour-secured froth ear pads with this new model you can put on if the preinstalled cowhide like pads aren’t doing it for you. What’s more, like my associate Nick Statt’s impressions with the wired rendition connected above, I found that the general attack of the Pro X Lightspeed is more tight than I like. I in some cases like to situate one ear cup off my ear so I can hear what’s going on in my loft, yet that immediately demonstrated too agonizing to even think about continueing doing.

One other region where the Pro X Lightspeed contrasts is with its catches. It has a devoted quiet catch for the amplifier just as an elastic volume handle close to the removable blast mouthpiece on the left cup. The wired Pro X has these highlights, as well, however they’re situated on the link.

Given that a large portion of the progressions and enhancements over the $129.99 wired rendition appear to be steady, their $199.99 cost is a touch of stunning.

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Logitech might be putting a premium on its headset since it has USB-C charging or on the grounds that its Lightspeed-marked items as a rule convey a tremendous premium over the wired form. In any case, you can discover less expensive remote headsets out there that give comparative degrees of execution and battery life. However, that comes to the detriment of Logitech’s noteworthy programming highlights and USB-C charging.