PUBG Mobile has reported through its official Twitter handle that “New Erangel” map will be going to the game on September 8, as a major aspect of its new time declaration. Alongside affirming the new map, the record likewise uncovered “The Dawn of a New Era” people group occasion where players get an opportunity to win 30,000 UC (in-game cash). The name for the new Erangel map has not been uncovered at this point yet now we have an affirmation on the delivery date.

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PUBG Mobile took to twitter to affirm that the new time declaration on September 8 will incorporate the exceptionally foreseen Erangel map refresh. The equivalent was affirmed in an organization official statement also. The revamped map is at present just playable in the game’s beta version. The developers reported a week ago that the 1.0 update that carries another time to PUBG Mobile will be delivered on September 8 and at that point, there was no word on a revamped Erangel map. Presently, the group has affirmed that it is coming one week from now.

Moreover, PUBG Mobile likewise affirmed a Dawn of a New Era rivalry that will allow players to win 30,000 UC. Players are needed to share their screen captures and clasps from the current Erangel map. There are three classifications for doing as such – most loved Chicken Dinner memory (screen capture of clasp), most loved screen capture on Erangel, and most loved Erangel video cut. Every classification will have three champs and every winner will get UC rewards.

PUBG Mobile beta version has approached the revamped Erangel map for some time now and it brings some stylish changes, just as some new structure components, alongside another weapon. The 1.0 update, reported a week ago, carries enhancements to the characters, situations (both in-game and campaign), and gunfights. The surface quality and lighting frameworks have been improved too, to add more authenticity to the sky, water, and vegetation.

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A portion of different changes to the map incorporate the expansion of new map components, for example, overlooked channels, tree-trunk boundaries, relinquished tanks, and shelters. Significant regions in the map like Sosnovka Military Base, Mylta Power, Mansion, Prison, Mine Zone and others will get rebalanced loot, gear, and different assets. The 1.0 update additionally brings Ultra-HD surfaces to PUBG Mobile.