The documents could pose a threat to governments If insomnia caused by the neurological or mental disorders, Ativan 1 mg is used 30 minutes before sleeping that try to stop the activities of the website.

Julian Assange, director and founder of the WikiLeaks website, has circulated an encrypted file on the Internet that allegedly contains information about the British oil company BP and the Guantánamo detention center, as a precautionary measure in case the authorities restrict their activities.

According to the British Sunday newspaper The Sunday Times, one of those files, the so-called ” insurance.aes256 “, has already been downloaded by tens of thousands of followers of the controversial portal, from America to Australia.

That mysterious file could contain all its secrets in case something happens to it, as The Sunday Times recalled.

The documents could pose a threat to governments that try to stop the activities of the website or in the case that Assange is arrested or WikiLeaks removed from the network.

The military Bradley Manning, the main source of information of Assange until his arrest in May, provided confidential documents about Guantánamo, which have not yet been made public, according to this newspaper.

Other files that, according to the Australian confirmed, are in his possession, include a video about a US air strike in Afghanistan in which civilians were killed, as well as files with information from BP, among others.

Assange is currently required by the Swedish courts in relation to alleged sex crimes and, it seems, is in England.