Ripple announced a donation of $10 million in the annual swell conference to Mercy Corps.

Mercy Corps will help it use digital assets for financial inclusion in developing countries and emerging markets.

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Mercy Corps is a humanitarian, non-governmental organization that helps in aiding a financial system.

The humanitarian aid organization will partner with ripple works in several countries to support the development of fintech solutions involving blockchain and digital assets.

Also, Ripple has been working with mercy corps to develop pilots and invest in fintech startups in developing countries.

Scott Onder, senior managing director at Mercy Corps Ventures highlights the need to ensure focus on vulnerable populations.

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Onder also expressed his concerns regarding the substantial risk for vulnerable people and if their needs are taken into consideration.

Ripple and Rippleworks also will continue to support FinX a joint venture launched by Mercy Corps and Mercy Corps Ventures.

FinX helps reimagine the existing financial system and build a coalition committed to ensuring this new system is inclusive for the un- and underbanked populations.