Facebook’s head of advertising integrity, who dealt with the organization’s advertisement product around sensitive subjects, for example, political issues and Covid falsehood, left for the current week, as per an inward organization post saw by Reuters on Friday.

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Ransack Leathern, director of product management, said recently on Facebook’s inner network that he would leave the organization on December 30. His exit had not been recently detailed.

Facebook couldn’t quickly be gone after remark.

Leathern said in the post that he was “leaving Facebook to work on consumer security past advertisements and social media,” without unveiling where he was going.

Leathern was regularly the public essence of the organization’s questionable political publicizing policies. Before the November 3 US political decision, Facebook was vigorously censured for permitting deceiving cases and paranoid notions to spread broadly on its foundation.

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In November, Leathern had tweeted that Facebook didn’t have “the specialized capacity in the present moment to empower political promotions by state or by promoter.” Subsequently, Facebook lifted an impermanent post-political race prohibition on political advertisements in Georgia in front of the January 5 spillover that will figure out which gathering controls the US Senate.