Signal has added chat wallpapers to its Android and iOS application with update 5.3, adding to rundown of features that are like what WhatsApp offers. Chat wallpapers will permit Signal users to set individual backgrounds for their talks or utilize a default backgrounds for all visits. This feature was seen in a beta version of Signal a week ago and has now advanced toward the steady form of the application. The group shared the improvement on Twitter, alongside a post that portrays new information the board alternatives that have been added to the application also.

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Through the tweet, messaging services Signal shared that it has added chat wallpapers with version 5.3 for Android and iOS users. Chat wallpapers, much the same as with Signal’s rival WhatsApp, permit usets to set a picture as the background for talks.

WhatsApp has had chat wallpapers for a long while now and it added custom background uphold for talks in December. Acquainted with Signal now, this feature is another option to the rundown of features being added to the application that are now present in WhatsApp.

Telegram, another online based messaging service has been taking hits at WhatsApp since the time the Facebook-possessed messaging services changed its protection strategy recently. Signal being another contender to Telegram, was not saved all things considered.

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Moreover, Signal likewise shared that it added a setting in the application to utilize less information for calls, and it very well may be constrained by the user. This is essential for information the executives and Signal users can pick in the event that they need to settle on decisions while on portable information just, on Wi-Fi or mobile data, or never. Android users can tap on their profile in the application and select Data and Storage. This choice is marked Data Usage for iOS users. Here, they should see a Use less information for calls area with the three previously mentioned alternatives.