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World’s First Digital Camera Weighted Around 4KG’S

Nowadays everyone likes to take photos. People who are fond of photography buy expensive-to-expensive cameras. Whether it was years ago or today. People’s craze towards the camera has always increased. Previously, where black and white cameras used to come in pictures, now digital cameras take colorful pictures in the market. With the help of camera, special moments of our life are captured in the form of photos. Let’s know when the world’s first digital camera came and what was its specialty. 
Revolution in photography world
Years ago, where reels were used in cameras, now digital cameras have revolutionized the world of photography. In 1975, an engineer named Steven Sasson of Eastman Kodak attempted to make the world’s first digital camera. Steven Sasson’s camera was previously recognized as a digital stan snapper. 
This was the specialty
  • The camera used CCD image sensor with the then technology developed by Fairchild Semiconductor. 
  • The camera weighed around four kilograms.
  • Black and white photographs were taken in this camera.
  • The resolution of the camera was 0.01 mega pixels.
  • This camera took 23 seconds to record the first digital photograph in December 1975
In 1991, the Eastman Kodak Company started selling digital cameras, after which Apple Computer and Eastman Kodak introduced the first consumer model. It was introduced in the year 1994. Together, the two companies introduced a software through which the picture taken with a digital camera was transferred to the computer.