Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk said on Tuesday that electricity utilization will twofold if the world’s car fleets are energized, expanding the need to extend atomic, sun based, geothermal and wind fuel producing sources.

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Expanding the accessibility of practical energy is a significant test as vehicles move from burning motors to battery-driven electric engines, a move which will take twenty years, Musk said in a discussion facilitated by Berlin-based distributer Axel Springer.

“It will take an additional 20 years for vehicles to be completely electric. It resembles with telephones, you can’t supplant them at the same time,” Musk said in a discussion gushed on the Bild.de site, adding that around 5 percent of vehicles are supplanted each year.

When electric vehicles become the standard, power from irregular creating fuel sources, for example, wind and sun oriented should be put away, most likely through battery innovation, he said.

“Along with enormous battery packs, the two things should be consolidated, wind power with battery packs and sun based energy,” Musk said.

Tesla is leaving on designs to assemble its fourth gigafactory in Europe’s biggest economy.

“The best wind turbines are made in Germany,” he said.

“I generally make some great memories when I am here. I like the designing society. Individuals need to complete things.”

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Tesla has as of late procured a permit to exchange power across western Europe, and the organization has additionally been reviewing clients in Germany about conceivably utilizing Tesla power in their vehicles.