This Cryptocurrency Will Guarantee You up to 11% Interest Each Fortnight

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There are many platforms one can rely on in the race for gaining access to the cryptocurrency market and earning profits. Indeed, the emergence of Decentralized Finance structures has allowed many companies to broaden their profit horizon further. And one of the companies that have managed to reach this feat is the Fintech company, Clever.

Started by entrepreneur Bryan Legend, Clever DeFi is extremely useful for many investors. This service’s structure and features aim to make the crypto earning possibilities of the users more fluid. One of the best features of Clever that is usable for this purpose is the CLVA tokens. With this, investors can earn high interest over many years.

Clever DeFi- an overview

The DeFi protocol of Clever is very trustworthy for the users, mainly due to its functionalities. Indeed, it generates and gives out CLVA tokens to the investors in the Blockchain market. Those who participate start off at zero initial supply, and then they start investing during the CLVA cycles. The entire period includes 888 cycles, where the investors would earn money every fortnight.

Overall, this lasts over 34.15 years, and the cycle does not stop halfway. Not to mention, the entire cycle schedule is pre-programmed, and the token holders gain automatic payments of interest. So, even though the Bitcoin market is somewhat volatile, investors can get a more guaranteed profit expectation with their CLVA tokens. If they hold in and do not invest at every market price fluctuation, the token holders would gain regular interests.

Commendable features of Clever CLVA

One of the best aspects of Clever’s DeFi is that it aims to make the entire trading experience better for its users. For one thing, they can gain automated payments at the end of each cycle of 14 days. Overall, the payments continue as long as the 888 cycles go, and the minting phase begins for 30 days when needed.

A good thing about the Clever CLVA token system is that you, as an investor, would gain interest each night. This is mainly the compound interest, and the rate of it increases over time. The main percentage for every fortnight cycle in Clever DeFi is 11%.

You can choose to spend the entire tokens you get every month at any specified time within the fixed schedule. Also, you may sell your tokens to others as well for profit. But the one thing that you would appreciate about this structure is that you would get this 11% interest every fortnight. So, you do not have to wait a long time just to receive some profits. And if you store it, you would gain an overall high income.

Not to mention, the entire system is safe, the smart contract verified, and the protocol is audited. Thus, you can worry less about the money you earn, and you would get the whole amount without cuts.


With the digitized currency system, it is easy to transfer, hold, and buy funds online. The Clever DeFi is a reliable option amongst them. With the CLVA tokens, you would receive interest payments every fortnight without fail. Thus, you can invest in the cryptocurrency market without worries. 

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