Bigg Boss is controversial reality show and very famous. After successful Hindi version, Bigg Boss began in Telugu and the third season of the show hosted by superstar Nagarjuna. The show has been started and the opening ceremony of the show of the Telugu mini screen was held on July 21, 2019.

In the house of Bigg Boss Telugu, fifteen contestants have entered to offer entertaining things for the audiences. The voting procedure is crucial for the contestants to stay longer in the house. But this season, it seems the format of the show has been changed with the voting process. This season, there is a change in voting process. So, let’s know what are the changes from now:

Change In Voting Procedure:

Till the last season, the audiences had the option to cast their votes through Google. But now, according to the latest reports, this particular option has been disabled for this season. From now, a viewer can save his/her favourite contestant by casting votes on the Hotstar App by following the below mentioned process: 1

1 – The viewer has to install the HotStar App on their phone.

2 – They have to log in to the HotStar App through the use of either email id, phone number or social media account.

3 – Then click on the Bigg Boss Telugu banner or type Bigg Boss Telugu in the search bar.

4 – Click on the ‘Vote’ button to cast the vote.

5 – To vote for the particular contestant, search the names that have been added to the elimination list of a particular week.

6 – A user can cast 50 votes/day till Saturday midnight.

All 50 votes can be casted to the same contestant or split it among the other contestants. If the user is looking for an alternative way, then there is another way to vote for the contestants. They can save a particular contestant by giving a missed call to the numbers given to each contestant.