Weather in the UAE Today it is possible that it will rain


Photo credit: Gulf News

UAE residents can expect some rainfall today.

According to the National Center for Meteorology, it is fair to partly cloudy, and there is a chance that in the afternoon convective clouds will form over some interior areas that may be associated with rainfall.

In some western areas, it will be damp at night and on Sunday morning, with the possibility of fog or fog.

Fog alarm
Credit: NCM

NCM issued red and yellow warnings in the morning about the foggy conditions over Madinat Zayed, Al Dhafra. Drivers are advised to drive carefully and slowly due to poor horizontal visibility.

We can expect light to moderate winds from the southeast to the northeast, which are sometimes refreshing and blowing dust and sand.

Credit: NCM

The ocean will become slightly to moderately rough in the Arabian Gulf and Oman.

The current temperature in Dubai is 40 ° C. The highest temperature in the country is expected to be between 37 and 42 ° C. The lowest value is between 16 and 22 ° C.