WhatsApp on Tuesday proclaimed the rollout of its new Archived Chats settings which will permit users to stay their archived chats muted even after they receive a replacement message in associate degree archived message thread. This suggests that every one your archived chats can keep tucked away for good unless you select to manually unarchive them. The modification was at first provided to some iPhone users last week and is currently rolling dead set each golem and iOS. 

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The Facebook-owned company aforesaid in an exceedingly diary post that the most recent update is aimed to allow users additional management over their inbox and be high of their most significant chats.

Prior to the update, archived individual and cluster chat threads on WhatsApp would unarchive if the user received a replacement message therein thread. WhatsApp, however, aforesaid that a lot of of its users reported that they wished archived messages to remain archive and stay tucked faraway from their regular messages within the Archived Chats folder. Therefore, it’s brought the modification to its Archived Chats settings.

The new settings permit you to archive all the less-important conversations if you do not wish them to look in your main chats list. All you would like to try to to is archive individual and cluster chats that you just don’t desire in your list. By default, WhatsApp can keep your archived chats separate though they get any new messages. You can, however, disable the new settings by disabling the Keep Chats Archived choice from the Chats settings menu on the app.

You will not receive any notifications for messages you get in archived chat threads unless you’re mentioned or replied to.

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WhatsApp seems to own been testing the new expertise since a minimum of April 2019 associate degreed brought it at first to some iPhone users through an update last week. However, it confirmed to Gadgets 360 that the new Archived Chats settings are currently rolling out across all devices.

Users have the choice to mute individual and cluster chats for a few time. It had been even extended to silence chat alerts forever through associate degree invariably mute setting last year. However, the most recent update is aimed to travel on the far side muting sure chats and keep them faraway from your vision. You can, however, flick through them from the Archived Chats folder.