The facebook-owned messaging app “Whatsapp” is soon to roll out a new feature of “disappearing messages”. The new feature will release in the upcoming updates. Various sources have revealed details about the feature ahead of its release.

Whatsapp users can enable the feature after they update the app any time they want. The time cannot be customized. Also according to the sources, the chat will disappear if it hasn’t been read in 7 days. Although if the notification panel is left uncleared, the chat will be still readable from there.

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Incase of replying to a text, the initial text is quoted in the reply. Whereas, when replying to a disappearing message the message will be readable after 7 days.  Also If a disappearing message is forwarded in a chat where the disappearing message feature is turned off, the message won’t disappear.

Disappearing chats will be stored in google drive if a backup is done before they are deleted. However, disappearing chats won’t be available in a backup as they will be deleted.

Still, WhatsApp will allow users to forward or take a screenshot, and disappearing images will be saved as well. Although to save disappearing images ‘save to camera roll option’ has to be manually enabled.

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Sources have reported an interesting observation about quoted disappearing messages. It is said quoted disappearing messages won’t even disappear even after 7 days. This can be done when one receives a disappearing message. One can do it by simply disabling the disappearing message option in the Contact Info and quoting the message. 

The disappearing message feature will be available in iOS, Android, KaiOS, and, Web/Desktop users.