Jonathan Dwyer Joins List of NFLers Facing Assault Charges (Newser) - The hit list keeps growing, and unfortunately, that is meant literally. In the first few weeks of the NFL season, a slew of domestic violence and child abuse allegations have come to light involving star football players, including a graph House OKs US Help for Syrian Rebels Fighting ISIS (Newser) - The House voted grudgingly today to give the US military the authority to train and arm Syrian rebels fighting ISIS. The 273-156 vote crossed party lines to an unusual degree in a Congress marked by near ceaseless partisanship. Top Republi Cult Is Gone to Suicide, but Website Lives On (Newser) - Members of the Heaven's Gate cult drank lethal doses of poison 17 years ago so they could be picked up by an alien spaceship and taken to the "next level" of life. But the mass suicide didn't apply to the group's website, which is still in Nursing Student Dies After Tweets About Feeling Ill (Newser) - A nursing student at Georgetown has died of suspected meningitis, and the final tweets of Andrea Jaime suggest she knew something was horribly wrong. "This is what dying must feel like," the sophomore tweeted on Friday, three days before h Thai PM: Tourists in Bikinis Aren't SafeUnless They're Ugly (Newser) - Faced with the savage murder of two young British tourists on one of his country's most popular beaches, Thai PM Prayuth Chan-ocha elected to address the topic of tourist safety. Unfortunately, he wasn't entirely reassuring, reports the In
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