The remarkable history of the Capitol Hill women's restroom (CNN) -- When nature calls for male members of the House of Representatives, they only have to walk steps to answer. But for the some 100 female members, it's not so easy. The women have to walk off the House floor, through what is usually a sea of t NYC Cop Killings Recall 1971-72 (Newser) - The murders of NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu may have just happened over the weekend, but for Jim Dwyer, the killings were eerily reminiscent of the early 1970s. Writing for the New York Times, Dwyer describes the Macombs Dam Guy Pulls Out Sword After Fight Over Sexuality (Newser) - They could've kept it a simple guys' night watching the Cavaliers game on TV and playing dominoes together. But two Cleveland men became embroiled Wednesday in a more pointed activity after one of the men, a 48-year-old who's called "Cowbo NY Mayor: No Protests Until After Funerals (Newser) - New York's mayor today called for protests and political debate to pause until after funerals are held for two officers shot and killed inside their patrol car this weekend by a man vowing retaliation for the deaths of black men at the han NYT : Obama Must Prosecute CIA Torture (Newser) - The Senate report on CIA torture has revealed both despicable acts and a "fabricat(ed) legal foundation" for them, and it's time for those responsible to be held accountable, the New York Times editorial board writes. "No amount of legal p
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