Chicago Cops Didn't Want You to See This Photo (Newser) - Two white police officers holding rifles pose over a black man wearing deer antlers in a shocking photo that city lawyers tried to keep from the public. The photo, which surfaced a few years ago and is believed to have been taken sometime Passenger Jet Loses Power, Drops 2.5 Miles (Newser) - Singapore Airlines says it is investigating how one of its jets suffered a loss of power in both of its engines over the weekend and descended 13,000 feet-nearly 2.5 miles-before regaining altitude en route from Singapore to Shanghai. The Cops: NFL Player Ignored Restraining Order (Newser) - If the Chicago Bears were still giving Ray McDonald more chances, he would be up to at least four by now. The defensive lineman was arrested yesterday-for the second time in less than 72 hours-for allegedly violating a restraining order is 21st Birthday Swim Ends in Tragedy (Newser) - It was supposed to have been a birthday feat, but it turned into tragedy instead. Authorities near Oroville, California, say a man celebrating his 21st birthday drowned while trying to swim across a pond at a wildlife area with a 10-pound Military Lab Accidentally Ships Live Anthrax (Newser) - Workers at a commercial lab in Maryland got an unwelcome surprise upon receiving a sample of supposedly dead anthrax from the military. The spores were very much alive, reports CNN. It turns out that an Army lab in Dugway, Utah, shipped ou
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