Soldier Buried in Avalanche Found Alive 5 Days Later (Newser) - On Wednesday, an avalanche hit an Indian army base in Kashmir, burying 10 soldiers under 30 feet of ice and snow, the Wall Street Journal reports. Five days later, one soldier was miraculously found alive. The base-nearly 20,000 feet above Man Sets Himself on Fire Outside Kensington Palace (Newser) - A man set himself on fire outside Kensington Palace on Tuesday and was pronounced dead at the scene, CNN reports. Police found the burning man around 3am near Kensington Gardens and attempted to administer medical care but were unable to s Flint Bypasses Governor, Will Drop $55M on New Pipes (Newser) - Less than two weeks ago, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder said replacing Flint's lead-coated pipes in the city's water distribution system wasn't on his "short-term agenda" and that coating the pipes with phosphates might serve as a stopgap. But 'You Foretold Your Future': Life in Jail for 'Facebook Killer' (Newser) - A Florida man who killed his wife and then posted a photo of her dead body on Facebook is getting the punishment he predicted. Derek Medina wrote that he'd be going to prison in that macabre 2013 post, and a Miami judge has now made that a Inventor Called 'Bill Gates of Home Repair' Dies at 96 (Newser) - Think "inventor," and Thomas Edison's name will likely come to mind. But German creator Artur Fischer had a handful more patents to his name (over 1,100) than the famous US inventor (1,093), earning him a lifetime achievement award from th
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