'Terrorism not going away' Washington (CNN) -- America's longest war. Much more National Security Agency surveillance. An alphabet soup of new government departments and agencies. Long security lines at airports. All those things happened in response to the 9/11 al Qaeda attac Arizona Execution Of Inmate Takes Nearly Two Hours Update at 8:45 p.m. ET: Reactions From Arizona In announcing Wood's death, Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne did not comment on the nearly two-hour timeframe. Instead, he noted that Wood had been sentenced to death in July of 1992 for shooting and k Democratic Senator Accused of Plagiarism (Newser) - It's bad news for Democrats in general and worse news for one Democrat in particular: The New York Times is out with a detailed report alleging plagiarism on the part of Montana Sen. John Walsh. It's not pretty: The report shows that about Democrats Make New Bid To Require Donor Transparency Senate Democrats have rolled out this year's model of the DISCLOSE Act. Or, if you want to be more formal: the Democracy Is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Elections Act. It's the third version of DISCLOSE since 2010. Broadly speaking, i Can You Trust That Organic Label On Imported Food? In their response to Laufer, organic industry executives say that the word "organic" is far more trustworthy than most labels you see on groceries. Unlike "natural," for instance, it really means something. Organic farmers have rules to follow, and t
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